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The Global Policy Institute is a research institute/think-tank, which means we don’t speak on behalf of any political party, interest group or corporate agents. We conduct high-quality independent research on the most pressing topics in international affairs and economics.

We need your support to make our work possible and to maintain our independent professional voice.

How you can support us:

Become a supporter of the Global Policy Institute today to help us continue our work. If you would like to support us, the following options exist:


To make a donation, please contact us for our bank details on: or call 020 7320 1355


GPI offers several sponsorship opportunities. These include:

  • Event/Conference Sponsorship. You can sponsor individual events or conferences. If you are interested in exploring this further, please do contact us. The benefits of sponsoring a GPI event are: We will mention your name or that of your organisation as a sponsor on all literature and invitations; you are free to offer promotional material or literature at our event.
  • Sponsor a Research Fellowship. If you are interested in sponsoring a year-long research fellow, carrying out research  on a topic of your interest, please do get in touch. Potential benefits of sponsoring a research fellow could include the fellowship carrying your or your organisation’s name.


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