Technology, Business and the Market

John Sheldrake’s long experience of teaching business and management to engineers has highlighted a gap in the knowledge of students and practitioners alike, between their grasp of developments in science and technology and how these developments lead to the creation … Read More

The Grand Delusion: Britain After Sixty Years of Elizabeth II

Written in the public glow surrounding the Queen s Diamond Jubilee, The Grand Delusion is a critical history of Britain’s post-war establishment – with the Queen and her Prime Ministers at its heart. It explores the key questions: has Elizabeth II … Read More

On the Edge: Britain and Europe

During the past twenty years the British discussion of European issues has increasingly lost contact with reality or rationality. Wilful ignorance, political opportunism and media manipulation have unrecognizably distorted the European debate in the United Kingdom. Even those in theory … Read More

Odd Man Out? Myth and Realities in the British Approach to the European Union

For some politicians and commentators, Britain is always destined to be the ‘odd man out’ in the European Union, with a history and set of political attitudes which must always pit the United Kingdom’s interests against those of its neighbours. … Read More

Reforming the City: Responses to the Global Financial Crisis

It’s official: the financial services sector in the UK has grown to be larger ‘than is socially optimal’ (Lord Turner, FSA). Government support for the banking sector is ‘close to two-thirds of the annual output of the entire economy’. ‘We … Read More

Tragedy of Riches: How Our Politics Has Failed Us and Why We Need a New Economic Destiny

As this book was in its final stages, violent riots broke out in numerous London boroughs and subsequently in other English cities. Shops were looted, cars and property vandalised and arson raised buildings to the ground. Half of those arrested … Read More

Meltdown UK - There is Another Way

Meltdown UK is the story of how Britain’s leaders – from Thatcher to Blair – through arrogance and recklessness turned Britain into an ‘island experiment’ for global finance and ‘market madness’. It all came crashing down in the great banking … Read More

The Return of the State?

In the wake of the economic crisis that caught the world unprepared in 2008, the state has seen a remarkable comeback. After an age of neoliberalism, in which the cutting back of state activity was the mantra, it was the … Read More

Meltdown - How the 'Masters of the Universe' Destroyed the West's Power and Prosperity

Meltdown tells the full story of the global financial and economic crisis. Drawing on a decade of research it looks at the roots of the catastrophe and reveals the true underlying causes of the global meltdown – some of which … Read More

The Geo-Politics of the City

With a foreword by former BBC political editor and Ambassador to Washington Peter Jay, this collection of essays examines the geo-political and economic implications of the City of London’s financial markets in a globalised world. Exploring globalisation, the growth of … Read More