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The Revolution of Civil Society

Dr Michael Lloyd, Senior Research Fellow of the GPI, has published a new book in which he sets out a comprehensive analysis and counter-narrative to the neo-liberal market capitalist orthodoxy. The book can be purchased from Amazon in e-book or … Read More

"Hard Brexit", international trade and the WTO scenario

GPI Senior Research Fellow Dr Andrew Black highlights the dangerous economic consequences of a hard Brexit, using Input-Output analysis on the major sectors of the British economy. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PAPER IN PDF FORMAT. CLICK HERE TO READ … Read More

Edward Bernays – the Father of ‘Spin’

Introduction Edward Bernays (1891-1995) is the individual most often credited with the establishment of the public relations profession – the creation and manipulation of public opinion – or what we now refer to as ‘spin’.  Almost self-evidently such activity forms … Read More

Prodi in Beijing to talk OBOR

Last Friday, the Pangoal Institution and TWAI organized the conference “The Belt and Road Initiative and China-EU Economic and Trade Ties.” Guests included Former Prime Minister of Italy, Former President of the European Commission Romano Prodi, President of the Pangoal … Read More

"Wir müssen den Franzosen die führende Rolle überlassen"

Frankreich könne nach der Wahl Emmanuel Macrons zum Präsidenten neues Selbstvertrauen gewinnen, sagte der Ökonom und Frankreichkenner Stefan Collignon im DLF. Für Deutschland sei es wichtig, den Franzosen politisch die führende Rolle zu überlassen. Die Bundesregierung müsse gemeinsam mit Macron … Read More

Afghanistan: No Way Forward

As the Afghan state becomes increasingly fragile as a result of internal divisions and the resurgence of the Taliban, its future prospects remain bleak. US-Russian cooperation on the issue remains unlikely, while regional efforts that include Russia, China, India and … Read More

Cherchez la Firme: A Response to Janet Yellen on Macroeconomic Research After the Crisis

In an address to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on October 14th 2016 Janet Yellen, Head of the US Federal Reserve, observed that both the Great Depression and the stagflation of the 1970s motivated new ways of thinking about … Read More

Why robots aren't the enemy

The anxiety about robots is lazy thinking that avoids the real and difficult issues caused by technological and economic change, writes GPI Professorial Research Fellow Rod Dowler.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE.  

The Trump Phenomenon and the Russian Factor

  The unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections raised the possibility  that new administration was not  to pursue more flexible policies towards Russia.Trump did not hide the fact that he was looking to make peace with … Read More

European Union, Brexit, USA: The strategic dimension of the new trade issues

Brexit is the source of a great deal of uncertainty as far as the exit agreement is concerned. The British government has announced that it will trigger the procedure provided for by article 50 TEU on 29th March, but the … Read More