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Hard Brexit and The Regions

Executive Summary The two quotations cited above make the following points. Firstly that the likely economic storm that could yet engulf the UK post Brexit is going to take all the fortitude possible to manage it. And secondly, as with … Read More

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s Visit To Central & Eastern Europe Heralds Globalization With Chinese Modern Socialism

About a generation ago, on November 8, 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed. It was a momentous event in modern history that marked the rise of the United States as the sole global superpower, and shortly thereafter, the rise of the … Read More

China flexes its diplomatic muscle on the Rohingya crisis, cashing in on ties with Myanmar and Bangladesh

Bob Savic says China’s offer to mediate between Myanmar and Bangladesh – in order to solve the core issues of the Rohingya refugee crisis – is an extension of its diplomatic Belt and Road Initiative. When Chinese President Xi Jinping … Read More

Trump Elevates China-US Cooperation While Pressuring Regional Allies On Trade

US President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing, China, on November 8th and 9th, as part of his 12 day-tour of Asia-Pacific ending Monday, November 13th , went much as expected, focusing on reducing America’s trade deficit while playing on the … Read More

The Feminisation of Poverty in the UK

  The feminisation of poverty is a global phenomenon whereby a greater proportion of women live in poverty than do men. Around 14 million people in the UK – 22 per cent of the population – are living in poverty … Read More

Capitalism and Inequality. 150 Years Late: Was Marx Right After All?

Karl Marx’s prediction was that capitalism would lead to the numbers of wealthy property owners (the bourgeoisie) becoming smaller and smaller, while everyone else sank into an immiserated proletariat, which would eventually revolt to overthrow its masters and introduce a … Read More


In his recent testimony to the House of Lords, Sir Ivan Rogers, former British Permanent Representative to the European Union, criticized as premature and ill-prepared the Prime Minister’s triggering last March of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This is … Read More

Here is What I Saw at the Valdai Club Conference

The statements and exchanges at the conference regarding relations with the West were of the “he said, she said” variety that have become so drearily familiar over the years. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Can Xi and Abe work together on the belt and road, to build better Sino-Japanese relations?

Bob Savic says having recently consolidated their power domestically, both leaders should have a freer hand to cooperate and advance common goals, among them a resolution of the North Korea nuclear stand-off. China’s 19th Communist Party Congress ended with the … Read More

Russia And Saudi Arabia Cement Political Relations In Pursuit Of Broader Integration

Former global energy competitors and geopolitical rivals in the Middle East and Central Asia, Russia and Saudi Arabia have been resolving their differences in order to build a long term strategic partnership. Recent backdrop to Russia-Saudi relations Following on from … Read More