Policy Papers

Policy Pamphlet (February 2017) - Trump's New World Order: Brexit and Europe in a World Turned Upside Down

In Professor Stephen Haseler’s (Director of the Global Policy Institute) latest policy pamphlet, he analyses whether Donald Trump’s Presidency is likely to see a radical change of course for America and the world. What does theTrump presidency mean for American Foreign … Read More

False dawns in M&A land. Harsh Macro realities extinguish optimism for the global economy

Increased Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity is often regarded as the harbinger of broader macro-economic trends. Rising numbers and values of M&A deals frequently precede more general improvements in economic conditions, and are associated with rising incomes, wealth and prosperity. … Read More

Policy Paper 29 (Dec 2015) - The Road to Paris: UK Energy Policy in the Age of Global Warming

The so-called Paris Earth Summit has been characterised as a great success, bringing together over 190 nations all apparently willing to buy-in to the notion of global warming and committed to working together to prevent global temperatures rising more than … Read More

China-EU Relations and the Future of European Soft Power

Despite obvious differences, the EU’s most comprehensive partnership with an emerging power has been with China. This Strategic Update argues that this is partly due to China’s identification with Europe’s ancient culture and summarises current ‘soft power’ diplomacy. READ THE FULL ARTICLE … Read More

India and the EU: what opportunities for defence cooperation?

Since Prime Minister Modi took office in May 2014, India has embarked on a number of measures to encourage the development of the country’s economy and the streamlining of its indigenous defence capabilities. Probably the most prominent reform has been … Read More

Financial innovation and the descent of money - Reading Niall Ferguson on Siegmund Warburg

Niall Ferguson’s biography of Siegmund Warburg probably came out just in time, in 2010, to be taken up as a topical work on a major City figure. Now some five years later one has to doubt whether the name of … Read More

Abenomics and Japan's Future

The Japanese policy package known as “Abenomics” began in early 2013 with three major components – monetary, fiscal and structural reforms. This paper focuses on all three components, showing the measures undertaken by different authorities and exploring to what extent … Read More

The Role of the Military in the EU’s External Action: Implementing the comprehensive approach

It is well established that military force in isolation is insufficient to successfully implement a security policy. Peace cannot be brought to a region by simply destroying an imminent armed threat; long-term regional stability requires economic aid, institution building and … Read More

Policy Paper 28 (March 2015) - The New BRICS Bank: Challenging the International Financial Order?

On 15th July 2014 the BRICS Group members (Brazil, India, China, Russia and South Africa) signed agreements that established two new international financial institutions, the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA).[1]  The NBD with an initial … Read More

Policy Paper 27 (January 2015) - Charles Handy’s ‘The Future of Work’ Re-visited

The context and inspiration of Charles Handy’s The Future of Work and its sequels, The Age of Unreason (1989) and The Empty Raincoat (1994), were provided by the emergence and persistence of historically high levels of unemployment, particularly in the … Read More