The British Problem: Britain’s Uncertain Role in the World

Cameron’s day of judgement: bad gambles and the EU referendum

The EU referendum result was simultaneously shocking and revealing. The most senior figures in government had backed the Stronger In campaign, and senior cabinet members had cast their professional opinions in favour of the Remain side. The vote to leave … Read More

"What does Brexit mean? When we have decided what you have voted for, we will tell you."

It used to be claimed during the Cold War that in the countries of the Soviet bloc elections could not take place until the government had decided what their result should be. Here, we order these matters differently. We had … Read More

The decision to stay in or leave the European Union is about our security in a dangerous world

Michael Lloyd analyses the key issues as the UK prepares to vote in a referendum on our membership of the EU in an article that appeared in the Chronicle Live. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Principles or practicalities? Salvaging House of Lords reform

When Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg conceded that his cherished House of Lords Reform Bill had been crushed at the hands of his Conservative coalition partners (and the Labour opposition) in 2012, it seemed that attempts to reform the upper … Read More

Policy Paper 24 (February 2013) - Snow, Wilson and the Scientific Revolution

“The strength, the solvency, the influence of Britain…are going to depend…to a unique extent on the speed with which we come to terms with the world of change. There is no more dangerous illusion than the comfortable doctrine that the … Read More