Carlo Resta

Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: A reputable expert with global track record in new product development, structuring, marketing and operations; together with extensive leadership, financial management experience reporting to Board of Directors and CEOs. Last ten years acting as trusted independent specialist, successfully using a comprehensive background in Equity, Capital Markets, Investment, and Commercial Banking, to implement leading edge investment solutions.


Academia: MBA, Finance and International Business, New YorkUniversity, Leonard Stern School of Business, New York, USA; BSc, Economics and Banking Sciences, University of Siena, Italy

Professional Background:

Carlo Resta has twenty-five years experience of new product development, structuring and marketing, in global financial services and international business. He has formulated practical solutions to the prolonged crisis of the West, and identified opportunities relevant to the real economy and financial markets.

Carlo’s analysis differs from that of most commentators and economists. His original vision of long-term investing focuses on revitalizing the real economy of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), while promoting stability and sustainable development. He was nominated Senior Research Fellow of the Global Policy Institute for the study of a response policy to this crisis.

He is a founding Partner and President of Oraculum Advisors, an independent specialist working with a variety of institutions and enterprises for their product development, strategy, risk management, and capital raising activities.

Carlo was the Managing Director of Global Investment Advisory at JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Prior, as a start-up and product specialist, he was Director of the Client Strategies Group and Equity Derivatives for Merrill Lynch International. He worked at San Paolo Bank in Turin and in New York.


Selected Publications:

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