Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron

Head of GPI Europe Programme & Senior Research Fellow


Contact: kl.devergeron@gpilondon.com

Academia: MSc in International Relations, London School of Economics & Political Science; MSc in International Strategy and Cultural Management, HEC Paris & Bocconi University, Milan; MA in Art History, Paris VIII; PhD (ongoing)

Professional Background:

Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron is Head of Europe Programme and Senior Fellow of the Global Policy Institute.  She has specialised in international relations and issues relating to European politics, culture and identity, specifically on the relationship between Europe and the Asian emerging giants (China and India). She initiated the research projects on non-European views of Europe – Chinese and Indian Views of Europe  –  jointly with Chatham House in the United Kingdom and the Fondation Robert Schuman in France in 2006. Her other areas of interests are: British European policy and the domestic debate in Britain on the EU; European defence co-operation, in particular the Anglo-French Defence Treaty; European external affairs and cultural diplomacy and the significance of this for European integration.

She is the author of numerous publications, and has been a contributor to many conferences and media across Europe.

She was previously a Consultant Manager in European and international business strategy. She was awarded a special prize by the French Ministry for Culture in 2005 for her thesis on European cultural matters (contemporary art and corporate charities).

Latest News/Events

India-EU Roundtable – Strengthening relations between Europe and India (February 2015), organised by LSE European Institute, LSE India Observatory and King’s College London.

Seminar and conference : A dialogue between China, India, Brazil and Europe, Amsterdam (May 2013), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUhZCVroX3Q&feature=youtu.be and http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/content/dwarfing-europe-dialogue-between-brazil-india-china-and-europe-22-23-may-2013

Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron Gave Evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly on France, Europe and China’s relationships, April 2013.

Selected Publications

Chinese and Indian views of Europe and the role of culture in European external affairs,Tilburg University and The European Cultural Foundation, Research Policy paper/chapter in « The Dwarfing of Europe: a dialogue between China, India, Brazil and Europe», February 2014.

Chinese and Indian views of Europe since the crisis: New perspectives from the emerging Asian giants, Global Policy Institute, jointly with the Konrad-Adenaeur Stiftung and the Robert Schuman Foundation (for the French version), 2012.

France and the United States seen from Indiain France and the United States, ENA alumnae periodical, October 2012.

China’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Robert Schuman Foundation, European Issues, Policy Paper, April 2012.

Introductory chapter in “China and the EU”, Le Monde Chinois, Editions Choiseul, winter 2009-10.

Co-author of L’art avec pertes ou profit, Flammarion, 2007 and Johan & Levi (for the Italian version, 2009).

The strategic aspects of the China-EU’s economic and monetary relationship, Robert Schuman Foundation, Policy Paper, April 2008.

France, European Defence and NATO, Global Policy Institute Research Series, 2008.

Contemporary Chinese Views of Europe, Chatham House jointly with the Robert Schuman Foundation (for the French version), 2007.

Contemporary Indian Views of Europe, Chatham House, jointly with the Robert Schuman Foundation (for the French version), 2006.