Professor Stephen Haseler


Expertise: Transatlantic Relations, Foreign and Security Policy, British Monarchy, European Politics, Globalisation, Social Democracy, Social and Economic Policy


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Academia: Professor of GovernmentPhD, London School of Economics, 1967
BSc, London School of Economics, 1963

Professional Background:

Stephen Haseler (born 9 January 1942) is Professor of Government, author of numerous books on contemporary politics, and Director of The Global Policy Institute in London. His chair( held since 1986) is at London Metropolitan University, and, since obtaining his doctorate from The London School of Economics, he has held Visiting Professorships at Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. He is a Senior Fellow at The Federal Trust. His specialisms are British politics, the UK Constitution, Transatlantic relations and European defence. He is one of the foremost authorities on, and critic of, the British monarchy and the unwritten constitution and regularly appears on national television and radio and writes columns for national newspapers on this subject.

He has a long record of political involvement in Britain, having stood for Parliament for the Labour Party in Saffron Walden at the 1966 general election, when he was the youngest candidate in the country . He served as Deputy Mayor of the Greater London Council in the 1970s, then became a founder and joint secretary of the Social Democratic Alliance. He was a founder member of the Social Democratic Party in 1981 He is also known as an advocate of radical constitutional change, including a written constitution and a republican form of government. He was co-chair of the Radical Society (1988–96) and Chair of the pressure group Republic (1990–2006).


Selected Publications:

Single authored books include:

The Gaitskellites (Macmillan) 1969

The Death of British Democracy (Elek Books) 1976

The Tragedy of Labour  (Blackwells of Oxford) 1979

Anti-Americanism (IEDSS, London and EPPC, Washington) 1987

Battle for Britain: Thatcher and the New Liberals (IBTauris), 1986

The End of the House of Windsor (IBTauris) 1993

The English Tribe: Nation, Identity and Europe (Macmillan) 1996

The Super-Rich: The Unjust World Of Global Capital (Macmillan) 2000

Super-State: The New Europe and its Challenge to America (IBTauris) 2004

Sidekick: From Bulldog to Lapdog, British Global Strategy from Churchill to Blair (Forumpress) 2007

Meltdown: How the ‘Masters of the Universe’ Destroyed the West’s Power and Prosperity (Forumpress) 2008

Meltdown UK: There is Another Way (Forumpress) 2010

Forthcoming: Grand Delusion: Britain in the Age of Elizabeth 11 (to be published by IB Tauris) 2012