Viara Bojkova

Head of Geo-Economics Programme & Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: micro- and macroeconomics; international trade; knowledge economy; Japanese economy; Eastern European emerging markets; externalities and sustainability


Tel: +44 (0)20 7320 1535

Academia: MSc in Economics and Philosophy, London School of Economics; BA & MA in Economics, University of National and World Economy, Sofia

Professional Background:

Ms Bojkova has ten years of analytical experience in a wide range of economic issues. Her project work has included economic and business recommendations to the DG TREN and DG ENV (Brussels) and UK public institutions. She joined Global Policy Institute as a Senior Analyst in January 2008, where she managed two FP7 projects for the European Commission (2009-2011) and worked on a series of projects on Japan, banking and the global economy. To analyse statistical data, the professional software programmes used are R and E-views.

She was a Monbusho scholar in Japan from 1999 to 2001, where she researched the role of the Japanese industrial policy and keiretsu organization in the process of creating and sustaining companies’ competitive advantages. She explored the causes of the economic crisis of the 1990s in terms of the policy tools that Japan’s MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Investment) applied in the 1980s. Later she studied thoroughly the Japanese current account, inbuilt structural imbalances in the trade balance and developed her professional understanding of how the Japanese economy functions.

In addition to being a native Bulgarian speaker, she has working knowledge of Japanese and Russian. She is a member of: the Bulgarian Macroeconomics Association (2006- ); the British Association for Anglo-Japanese Scholars (2008- ) and the World Traders Livery in the City (2010-present).

Selected Publications:

Publications in a series of volumes “Building of a market economy: lessons from the developed world” for the Bulgarian government:

  • The role of the industrial policy in the process of creating and sustaining competitive advantages of companies in an era of globalisation: A Japanese case study (2002)
  • The Japanese industrial policy and a future membership in the EU: An analysis of the adequacy of two alternatives for Bulgaria (2003)
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