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European Union, Brexit, USA: The strategic dimension of the new trade issues

Brexit is the source of a great deal of uncertainty as far as the exit agreement is concerned. The British government has announced that it will trigger the procedure provided for by article 50 TEU on 29th March, but the commercial aspect of the negotiations is still subject to several strategic factors. At the same time Theresa May’s visit to the Trump administration at the end of January confirmed London’s wish to position itself in a dynamic that is moving towards closer cooperation with the USA via a free-trade agreement that it would like to see implemented in the spring 2019, the planned date of the UK’s exit from the European Union. At the same time the Trump government’s attacks against the solidity of European economic fundamentals, particularly Germany and the single currency, raise a number of questions regarding the future development of trade relations between Europe and the USA. What are the issues at stake and the challenges in this new state of affair s and strategic reshuffle? What answers can Europe give to this?