Europe's Role in the World

The Europe’s Role in the World Programme casts a spotlight on the fundamental challenges at the heart of the EU’s aspiration as a global power.

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"Hard Brexit", international trade and the WTO scenario

GPI Senior Research Fellow Dr Andrew Black highlights the dangerous economic consequences of a hard Brexit, using Input-Output analysis on the major sectors of the British economy. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PAPER IN PDF FORMAT. CLICK HERE TO READ … Read More

European Union, Brexit, USA: The strategic dimension of the new trade issues

Brexit is the source of a great deal of uncertainty as far as the exit agreement is concerned. The British government has announced that it will trigger the procedure provided for by article 50 TEU on 29th March, but the … Read More

Trump ‘s ‘America First’ Strategy: Europe and Brexit in a World of Blocs

President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’, should it succeed, will represent nothing less than the end of the neo-liberal global order – often called ‘globalisation’ – which has governed world economics, and to some extent politics, for well over 30 years. … Read More