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The Asia Programme tackles issues of vital importance to the future of the global economy and global governance - the stunning rise of Asia, especially China. Issues that this programme addresses are the new geopolitics of Asia, relations between Japan and China as well as regional integration.

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No Peace Deal for Russia and Japan, But Slow Progress

Siberian energy deals are set to warm Japan-Russia ties while the peace treaty is put on ice. The much-heralded visit of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to Japan on December 15 and 16 facilitated a great deal of bonding and camaraderie between … Read More

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Is the US Losing in East Asia to China?

The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency is continuing to send shockwaves in the corridors of power across East Asia. Yet even before the results of the 2016 US elections became known, the tremors of political change in … Read More